Latest hobby project launched, super niche!

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3 Weeks ago I launched one of my hobby projects,! I am helping out one of my oldest friends in an industry that have not been as innovative in the digital area as many others have. I am referring to “piano moving”; it is a low marginal, hardworking and competitive environment. End-customers may do […]

Business Intellience

What is Big Data

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What does Big Data mean? Big Data has been one of the latest years trending words within IT and data storage. If you ask a couple of people to describe what they think “Big Data” is and you may well get as many answers as people you ask, such is either the confusion or fluid […]


Design Thinking

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I was given the insight into design thinking during my first year at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden. Over the years I have always gone back, time to time to reflect around the subject. This time am feel like writing about it suites my blog. What’s Design thinking I became passionate about design when […]