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Corporate Performance Management 2.0

– This year’s most important Controller meeting on performance, planning, reporting and analysis. 13th of Mars 2019 at Stockholm (Sweden)

Corporate Performance Management 2.0 is one of Sweden’s leading meeting places for Business Controllers/FP&A and Unit4 was on site as sponsors. During the day, it’s clear that there are new ways of looking at corporate performance management in companies, and new ways of working, several presenters shed light on this topic throughout the day.

One clear point is that all companies operate in an environment where change is the new normal and where the ability to adapt quickly is a competitive advantage in today’s complex and fast-moving business environments. The question many companies should ask themselves is how well-equipped is controlling function in finance to handle a future change, which must have total control and governance on the company’s business needs and at the same time act as a business advisor in everyday business!

Out on the sponsor area, discussions around how suppliers of software and companies embrace new technologies where analyzes and increased transformation of digitization will be delivered “automatically”. As well as how AI, Machine learning and RPA can change everyday life for financial control in the companies.

Several presentations were about rolling forecasts and rolling goals. One of the leading companies for the day presented and reflected on how their journey with rolling forecasts has looked like. They are now working actively to make forecasts 12-16 months ahead each month, to cover the next upcoming year. Over 100 people and 90 companies are involved, in a joint effort.

This was a day with dedicated and engaged economists (FP&A’s), where corporate performance management was at the center of attention. It was interesting and rewarding to hear the challenges or opportunities the companies faced, for us at Unit4 (Read more here).